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Reffel knitwear from hats and gloves to golf club cosies and christmas decorations.

UniquEco Designs

UniquEco Designs

Becky & Ivor have both had long careers in the public sector and upon relocating to Northumberland wanted a complete change of career and a new set of challenges. 

They live in Alnwick, using a room in their home and a shed as workshops, starting their craft venture in January 2014. 

Most of the items they create now are joint ventures using their individual skills. Becky fuses Angelina fibres, Northumbrian wool plant dyed in Cornhill-On-Tweed & other materials into her artwork. This artwork is used to create scenes which are then encased in glass providing unique frames by Ivor using his skills in stained glass, creating vibrant and unique pictures & wishsticks.  The artwork is also used to create unique toughened glass coasters.  In addition they create a range of angel suncatchers, crosses, & hearts using both Angelina fibres and stained glass.

They are always developing their work using inspiration from the Northumbrian & Scottish Borders countryside and coastline as well as being responsive to the suggestions and requests from clients.

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