The Crafters

essential spirit handmade soap, organic skincare, aromatherapy

essential spirit was created over 19 years ago by marina vundum, a lover of nature & aromatherapist with over 28 years experience working with and advising on the use of essential oils. with her husband des, they make beautiful natural aromatic soap in the traditional cold process method. this method produces a superior moisturising bar with a creamy, rich nourishing  lather. essential spirit soap will cleanse, moisturise and soften the skin leaving it smooth and feeling well-cared for. each bar is wrapped in colourful, handmade environmentally friendly paper that reflects the vitality within the soap.  they are cruelty free, using ingredients that are sustainable and traceable to source.

they also produce massage and bath oils, body lotions and creams, natural perfumes/therapeutic roll-on remedies and a range of natural fragrant soy candles.

they are dedicated to creating aromatherapy products for people who care about the environment as well as themselves.

To find out more or shop online, visit their website:- or email